SOAR Sports

SOAR Sports



Be prepared. Three days of spiritual formation, team building and ministry training. Be filled by the Holy Spirit in order to pour out in ministry in the inner-city. 


Be hands-on. Your team will partner with a local church or ministry and you will participate in community transformation.


Be mentored. This is a time to rest, worship and reflect. We'll help you process what you learned, and prepare you to re-enter your home church as you continue living out God's call on your everyday life. 


Pre-Program Orientation

Pre-Program Training is an important aspect of preparing for SOAR Sports because it helps you and your team get the most out of your mission experience.  By taking time individually and as a team, you can better prepare yourself for the mission ahead.  Pre-Program will be facilitated by your team leader: 

On-Site Orientation

When you arrive in you will spend four days in On-Site Training (Orientation). During this time, you will focus on your relationship with God, your team and your upcoming ministry. This time has been described as a waterfall where God pours into you before you begin your Ministry Assignment. It is also a time of refreshment, where you drink deeply the spring of living water, letting your burdens from the past be washed away. Read more to hear about stories and reflections from past participants.


Assignment Photo

The Assignment Phase is the heartbeat of SOAR.  This is where you take what you have learned and apply it to your ministry. Whether you serve in children's ministries or renovate a church building, yours and the lives of others will be forever changed. You will learn from the ministry leaders who have dedicated their lives to serving God.


Before returning home, you will spend two days debriefing your mission experience.  This is a time to rest, recover and make sense of everything.  It will be a time to process and celebrate what God has done.  Emphasis is placed on bringing closure to your experiences and affirming principles and commitments that can be transferred to your own communities.  Debrief takes a number of forms and occurs during Solo Time, Team Time and General Sessions.

Your experiences at SOAR will most likely be more than you could have ever experienced in the same time frame at home.  So we strongly encourage you to continue debriefing at home, individually, with your mentor and with your team. 


Cost: $350            

Registration Deadline: May 15,2018 

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