where are you going with God?

God is inviting you to step out in faith and go to new places with him. Some of those places might be exotic destinations around the globe, but many more will be unexplored places of the heart. 

God is your Navigator and the Holy Spirit your Compass. Get ready for an international adventure with Jesus.

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July - August, 2020


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Come to deepen your faith and renew your spirit through worship, prayer, Bible study, team life and the discovery of other cultures.

Your training week will take place in the East of France. You will be challenged in your spiritual journey, you will grow with the other participants while a team of leaders from North America and France invest in your life, sharing their experiences and knowledge. Training topics include : « Passion for Jesus », « Listening to God’s voice », « Risk Taking Obedience », « Group Dynamics », « Humility in Relationships », « Spiritual Warfare », « Peace and Justice Among the Poor », « Cross-Cultural Training », etc.  

Your relationship with God and your team, your love for the Church and mission will be shaped forever because of this special time.



Be hands on. Travel to another country in a team of 5 or 6 and use your gifts to show God's love.  You will serve with established MB Mission long-term missionaries and local churches as you join in God's ministry and participate in community transformation. Your assignment will depend on the country that you go to, but will include intercessory prayer, creative outreach and compassion initiatives. As you engage in people's lives and partner with God, transformation will happen within you as well.

We value work in partnership with local churches, for the Church is God’s project. It also enables participants to assimilate the culture faster, to work with local people, and to promote follow-up work after the ACTION team has left.

So, are you ready to fully live your time on mission in Africa or France ? You may have the opportunity to eat something crazy, to witness in front of a crowd, to pray for someone you’ve just met… Your faith will be changed for ever.

Come and share God’s love, the only hope for this world. Come and experience compassion, following Jesus’ steps. Come and let the Holy Spirit guide you and experience his powerful transformation. Come and discover gifts you had no idea you even had, and that God wants to use.



Let our staff and the Holy Spirit guide you and we will help you take in what you have experienced and learned. 

You will tell stories that will be a witness of God’s work throughout the world and will convey hope.  We will take five days days to allow you to rest, process, discover and share your stories. They are important. This will be a time of celebration, prayer and helping you to return to your home church and community. You are a vessel for Christ and we want to share in your journey and see you thriving in His best.

ACTION France’s Vision is to train workers for the French speaking world. Come and serve alongside us throughout the world!


  • for EUROPEAN participants : 1200€ (flights not included)
  • for NORTH AMERICAN participants : $2350 CAD/USD (flights not included), $150 early bird discount if full application is complete before February 1st, 2019. 

additional costs

Your Ministry Support covers all your expenses during Orientation & Debrief, your transportation (not flights) and your lodging, food, and ministry activities while on Assignment. MB Mission asks that you cover the following additional expenses: Transportation to Orientation and from Debrief in France, Passport, Travel Visa, Vaccinations and Travel Health Insurance.


ACTION France is a program for Christian young adults who speak French and/or English and who want to experience a spiritual renewal as well as discipleship training in a global mission context. This program is specifically aimed at young people aged 17-30 who have a heart for the french speaking world, however older adults and families are welcome too. Please contact us at actionfrance(at) for further discussion.

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